Part 3 in my series covering the World championships in Jesolo, Italy, in October 2021. I sat down with Seth the Sweetheart, a 180lb brawler who usually competes in the octagon but decided to try his metal against the worlds best kickboxers. With 2 tough first rounds, by the third, his opponent didn't have enough ring to run. Just like a stalking animal, the crowd was cheering USA motivating him to knock his challenger out. What a great fight from a very game athlete.
Follow me as I cover the US kickboxing team at the 2019 World Kickboxing Championships in Bosnia. There were a lot of ups and downs and I was there to see it happen first hand. With 4 medals secured, this was the United States largest team in history. Every attendees goal was to secure a medal, but the experience gained will last them far after they leave this foreign country and return back home.
Witnessing the emerging of great talent is something you may have to step back and for a moment just take in. In saying that, this is excatly what I had to do when meeting the young talent of Nathan Gaston.
Ive seen first hand great martial artist compete on the grandest of stages and this made me feel eriely similar. In this quick vingette we take a look back at the Kickboxing World Championships in Bosnia, where the United States Muaytai Gold medalist competed in the K1 event against the worlds top athletes.
Look forward to seeing him more throughout 2020, and put your bets on him appearing in the Olympics!!
Behind the scenes in Bosnia.
Let's take another look on the events of the Kickboxing World Championships in Bosnia, where we speak with the head official of the Pan Americans and hear his comments on preparation, high level competition and the importance of joining WAKO USA [ WAKOUSA.ORG]
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